The Contemporary Look

I'm often asked, if it's easier to come up with an ornate or contemporary design? For me, it's easier to come up with an ornate design. Ornamental items, such as scrolls or baskets, can be added to an ornately designed iron project and the placement of those components doesn't have to be perfect. As a matter a fact, imperfections can add character to an ornate design.

There are usually several different types of architectural components incorporated into an ornately designed piece, so anything that appears out of the ordinary becomes interesting. On the other hand, when you're viewing a contemporary iron design, one with crisp edges and clean angles, any imperfection becomes an eye sore. More attention to detail is required when designing something contemporary. Sometimes, a contemporary design can appear too plain. If you add a little angle here or a horizontal rail there it can become too busy. What I would say about a contemporary design is that it's all about balance and equality of the objects. Contemporary designs are sometimes thought to be boring and too plain but I believe that's quite the contrary. There is nothing more intriguing and interesting than a well designed contemporary iron piece. It usually embellishes an equally beautifully designed contemporary home or commercial building. There are times, when, by adding a well designed contemporary iron design, the look and concept of a building becomes complete and artistic. When dealing with a contemporary look the finish is extremely important. There are many powder coat colors that mimic the look of stainless steel without the expensive cost of building your project out of stainless steel. There are wonderful nickel, platinum and bronze powder coat colors available too. Some of the powder coat colors come in a pearlescent finish. The pearlescent finish actually picks up different hues and lighting effects. That’s a great way to glam up your contemporary iron design without adding more decoration. Whatever you do, make sure that your contemporary design is just right for you, your home’s architecture and your lifestyle. It takes time but conquering close to perfection in a contemporary design is achievable!