Security Barriers

A good deterrent to strangers is the installation of a gate and fencing. There is no guarantee when it comes to protecting your property but there are measures that you can take to help stave off intruders. If you have an open porch area, you may want to enclose it, especially if it leads directly to your front entry and main door. If you have an open yard area you may want to install fencing. A fence can be designed to frame your home and set off its architectural style while creating a barrier.

There are many ways to create a lovely porch enclosure. There are factors like height and width to be considered but in most cases a porch enclosure is very doable. Some things to keep in mind are; how wide do I want the gate opening of my porch enclosure? How high do I want the porch enclosure? What type of locking mechanism do I want on my gate? How will visitors let me know that they're at my door? How will I block people from reaching through the gate to unlock my deadbolt? Your iron fabricator will have answers for you and will be able to show you various locking mechanisms that might work for your situation. Your fabricator can also come up with a design that will enhance your home's exterior.

The cost for an iron front porch enclosure can vary by design, height and width and how many openings need to be enclosed. If you have photos of your home's porch, know the measurements and have a design picked out, then you can email that information to local fabrication companies in order to obtain approximate pricing. Fencing is usually installed around the backyard perimeter of a property, especially if there is a swimming pool present. Consider installing fencing around your front yard, it's beautiful and creates another obstacle for someone trying to enter your property uninvited. Again, nothing is fool proof. Making it harder for an uninvited guest to enter your property might make them think twice and move on to another less protected home.