Why Do We Love the Look of Wrought Iron So Much

Wrought iron has been part of architectural history forever. It's a symbol of strength, wealth and longevity. Wrought iron exudes excellence and power, it's beautiful and graceful, but most of all it's ageless. An iron gate or fence establishes a boundary, it's like a do not enter sign framed in elegance. A homes exterior is enhanced by it's presence, it's the finishing touch and the icing on the cake. Wrought iron compliments any architectural style. You can design it to have a contemporary look by using clean lines and angles, you can create an ornate design by implementing scrolls and flower components, you can create a traveling vine or a blossoming overhang, you can design something that is musical or lyrical, the possibilities are endless. We love wrought iron because it allows us to embrace true art but art that has a purpose. It signifies security without taking away our artistic freedom. It's beautiful while all the time it's serving a purpose, it's a chameleon and we love the surprise. Most of all we love the permanence, the comfort that it will be with us for a very long time, we can rely on it, it's like an old friend that we can depend on not to disappoint, and it doesn't. Wrought iron is power, it is our protector as we are it's admirer. So, why wouldn't we love it!