Forever Design

Don't be shy when choosing a wrought iron design for your gate, fencing or railing. There are classic styles of iron that have endured throughout the ages. Why not add some flair to the classics, make the design your own, and enjoy it forever?

This can be accomplished by spending some time to determine what components you love; look at gates, fencing or railings when your on vacation or a day trip. Visit an area where there are lots of wrought iron designs. Check out each one, take pictures, examine the designs, pick out the elements that suit you and will suit your home. Remember, you can always mix and match components such as spears, picket baskets, intricate scrolls, picket collars and more. Don't be afraid to use different materials like flat bar, square solid bar, tubing and round bar. The mixture of these elements adds character to a design and makes it extremely unique and doesn’t take away from the "classic" look.

Frankly, it's hard to make wrought iron look anything but classic. It's sturdy, durable, intricate, ornate and sometimes even delicate. Take a moment to determine what style of wrought iron that you like. Do you want your design to be bold and big, or do you want it to be free flowing or contemporary? Do you love a Victorian look, something almost lacy looking in design; this can be accomplished with cast iron components. Cast iron has an almost old world look to it. Cast iron is a bit more brittle than hand forged iron because the steel is melted and then poured into casts, so keep that in mind when considering it for a gate that might be used often.

A very classic wrought iron design is accomplished through the use of solid steel components, spear tops, and picket collars. This design can further be enhanced with scrolls. Have fun with your design, you won’t be wrong no matter what you decide and you won't be dissappointed.