Iron Verses Wood Fences

If you're in the market for either a wood or iron fence call around to fence contractors, talk with them about pricing, the pros and cons of wood verses iron fencing and the purpose that you want the fence to serve. If you're trying to meet a tight budget then iron fencing is probably not for you. Plain wood fences are usually less expensive than any type of iron fencing. There are factors to consider, like design and details that may drive up the price of wood fencing but usually it is less expensive. Talk to an expert before making any firm decisions or discounting iron fencing altogether.

Begin by selecting a local fence contractor, give him the measurements of your project, the height that you want your fence and the location of where the fence will be installed (include whether the fence posts will be embedded in dirt or concrete). If your fence contractor accepts email send some photos of designs that you like and pictures of the area of installation. Ask for pricing for a basic wood fence design and pricing for basic pre-manufactured iron fencing, that’s a good starting point. Once you obtain these prices then you can see which option fits into your budget. Establishing a budget will make it easier to determine if iron or wood fencing is the right selection for you.

If you're looking for a barrier that is solid and very private then wood fencing is a wonderful choice, but there are ways to design a custom iron fence so that it offers the same privacy by incorporating a solid plate into the body of the fence. If you want partial privacy, then you can incorporate a perforated or wire mesh metal panel into your iron fence design, this helps to buffer what can be seen through the fence. There are many ways to make each of these options even more attractive and that’s by adding hand forged iron components. Again, if price is an issue then these two options may not be feasible.

Once you select the contractor that’s right for you, then he can come to your property to answer any questions, measure precisely and firm up the design and pricing. Happy fence shopping!